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The Beginnings
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We offer expertise and experience in the area of conveyancing. When buying or selling a home the whole process should be as smooth and trouble free as possible.

We offer expertise in the area of commercial and residential conveyancing and re-mortgaging.  We have vast experience in the transfer of family assets, farms, businesses and sites.

Our staff are experienced; they have dealt with and have seen every problem which can arise. A high percentage of our work comes from repeat business or recommendations which is a testament to our professional, friendly and effective service.

Our objective is to make you feel comfortable with us and confident that your property move will go to plan at a reasonable price. We will be proactive on your behalf to ensure the moving process runs as smoothly as possible.

Criminal Law

Since the foundation of the firm we have been dealing with all aspects of criminal law.   We have been involved for the Defence in murder trials, offences against the person and the gravest of crimes.

We operate under the Criminal Legal Aid scheme so that if you are unable to afford your Defence fees we can provide these services with the benefit of this scheme.  Whether in the District, Circuit or Central Criminal Court you will be receiving the best of Defence representation and no stone will be left unturned in securing the best outcome for you. 

District Court & Criminal Defence

We have established our good name in advocacy because we will personally represent you in Court.

The District Court is the Court which most people are likely to have exposure to.  It is the Court that deals with the vast majority of offences. We can provide you with experienced representation in respect of defending driving offences, public order and all other offences that you may be prosecuted for.

We  can   also  provide you  with advice and  representation in  respect of  civil matters such as licensing law,  family law and debt recovery.

Debt recovery & Management

We can provide you with advice and representation as to the best means of recovering monies owed to you.

  • You can recover up to €6,348.00 in the District Court
  • You can recover from €6,349.00 to €38,092.00 in the Circuit Court
  • You can recover any debt in excess of €38,092.00 in the High Court.

If you are the debtor in debt recovery proceedings, we can advise you and assist you in dealing with your creditors and exploring possible avenues of protection such as Examinerships.

Employment Law

This is an established area of our practice. We know that any employment problem is highly stressful and our aim is to give prompt and practical advice to resolve problems which arise in the workplace.  We have the expertise to deal with situations such as unfair dismissal claims, discriminations in the work place, bullying, equality issues and harassment disputes as well as the preparation of contracts of employment and policies and procedures in the workplace.

Whether working for an employer or an employee our expertise founded in over 110 years of dealing with legal issues will be utilised to your best advantage.

Family & Collaborative Law

We offer a full range of services covering all aspects of family law from Guardianship, Maintenance, Custody and Access to Judicial Separation and Divorce. We recognise that Family Law is a most sensitive and private area of law and our experienced team can guarantee you confidentiality and discretion when acting for you.

Collaborative Law is a new system of dealing with marital break up. It requires the separating parties to engage in direct negotiation at a series of meetings with their Solicitors present. The aim is to reach a mutually acceptable resolution that takes into consideration the financial and emotional well being of the separating parties and children. It seeks to minimise the expense and emotional trauma that is associated with the traditional Court based system of marital break up.

Our team includes a Solicitor who has experience and skills in the collaborative law process.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety in the Workplace is legislated by the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. With the recent introduction of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, this is a very important topic that covers issues such as bullying and harassment to accidents and unsafe working conditions.

We advise clients to ensure that they have carried out a risk assessment and prepared a safety statement. We can provide advice and assistance to both employers and employees in respect of Health & Safety issues in the workplace.

Whether as part of a team or availing of our individual expertise we will work assuredly to achieve legal compliance.


We are perhaps best known for our ability to present your case in the best possible manner.  Whether you have had an accident, whether you have been involved in trespass, whether your claim involves insurance - all proceedings are given the benefit of our expertise which spans 118 years. 

We are constantly involved in Court actions for Plaintiffs and Defendants.  The Courts whether it be District, Circuit, High or Supreme make up our arena for the presentation of your case so that the best possible result is achieved for you.

No matter how sensitive the issue is to you personally, we have the experience to deal with abuse, assault, defamation, child protection orders, commercial disputes and medical negligence. We provide a very confidential service; we have vast experience in these areas.

Personal Injury

We have a reputation in the insurance industry for seeking and securing the highest amount of damages for individuals.  Our cases have brought us to deal with the most serious injuries, fatal accidents, loss of limbs, injuries in the work place and as a result of road traffic accidents.  We are known for our independence and ability to bring about the best results for those who are made vulnerable by injuries.

We can bring you through the process of a claim for personal injuries from start to finish with outstanding results.

We have taken cases involving medical negligence, professional negligence and our reputation in these areas is established countrywide.

Probate & Estate Planning

We have a long established Probate practice with a number of dedicated professionals working exclusively in this area. We can also give advice on and preparation of an Enduring Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney. This permits someone close to you to manage your affairs and attend to your care should you become incapacitated due to illness or accident.

We would advise all our clients to have a valid Will in place. We can assist you in preparing your Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are provided for.

This, in addition to the Probate and Estate planning, is an area in which elderly people need special protection and we value our reputation in providing advice in a language everyone can understand to give peace of mind.

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney instrument enables you to choose a person called an Attorney to manage your property and affairs in the event of you becoming mentally incapable of doing so. 

A person will set up this instrument when he or she is well and the instrument can only be acted upon when the person has become mentally incapable of dealing with their own affairs and when the instrument is registered in the High Court.

General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney enables you to choose a person to manage your property and affairs.  A General Power of Attorney can only be put into effect when the person giving the Power of Attorney is compos mentus and fully aware of his or her faculties.  A General Power of Attorney ceases to be effective when the donor of the power becomes non compos mentus.

Hip Replacements/Faulty Hips 

On August 24th 2010 De Puy International Limited issued a statement of recall on all “asr products”.  It seems that this followed on from an alert made in April and May that did not attract the same media attention as the August 24th recall.  It must also be remembered that Stryker Orthopaedics, another implants manufacturer had been warned in March 2007 that their products may have been “adulterated” and in January 2008 they also issued an urgent recall on hip devices.

These recalls affect very individual people with very individual problems.  These people are not “Toyota Cars” where a recall involves bringing a car into a garage and replacing questionable devices with new parts.

We as a Firm have a reputation for dealing with individual cases on an individual basis and if you have concerns about symptoms, and if you would like legal advice as to how to address these then perhaps you would contact us and we would certainly give you a very independent opinion as to what steps you might want to take.

You can be certain that De Puy are looking after their own interests; they have a lot more information than you have but you must be very careful not to accept their terms which may not be appropriate to your circumstances.

For instance, De Puy  ask you sign a form of consent for them to examine your medical records; we advise against this.  For the present our advice is to do nothing until you have obtained all relevant information and if you wish to have legal advice we are prepared to assist and provide individual advice for individual persons.  We have the experience, you will be in good hands and we recommend that you assert your legal rights without undue delay as you only have 2 years from the discovery of any negligence in which to issue legal proceedings if they become necessary. 


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